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A photoshoot in Spain 

For Liefste Fashion

March 2020, Moraira, Spain

Since one year, I'm the photographer for Liefste Fashion based in Den Bosch. This boutique was established almost 8 years ago by two best friends. Running a business together isn't easy, but these two are a perfect match.  

Their store is hidden in the cosy city center of Den Bosch, in the Snellestraat surrounded by other boutiques and restaurants. A great place to enjoy yourself for a day of shopping and eating. 


We drove from pretty spot to pretty spot. In between we couldn't resist to listen to this joyful Spanish music. 


The signature style of Liefste Fashion is



Combining colors and patterns

Did you know that a lot of their items are recycled fabrics or consist biological cotton? It's great to see that fashion brands create more and more sustainable cloths.