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Bridal Boudoir Photoshoot

In Paris

October 2018, Paris

It's October, and one of my best Parisian Friends is meeting me for a Boudoir photoshoot in her elegant Parisian apartment.  Symonne is a true citizen of the world, born and raised in Australia, with roots in India and Portugal. This sophisticated boudoir photoshoot was photographed on a sunny Saturday morning in Autumn. In the heart of the city of love, Paris.


This feminine song from the movie Vanity Fair reminds me of this photoshoot. 

Symonne low resolution_15.jpg
Symonne low resolution_5.jpg
Symonne low resolution_6.jpg
Symonne low resolution_23.jpg

Beauty & Grace

Do you want a boudoir shoot? For yourself or as a pre-wedding photoshoot? Or to give it as a gift?


Thanks! Message sent.

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