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April 2019, Amsterdam

     Almost 10 years ago, Bernd and I met. He was on a television show about young entrepreneurs. By that time he was the founder and owner of the first online sunglass store of the Netherlands. At the end of the episode you could win a coaching day with him. Out of hundreds of applications, he chose me. I just bought my first camera, so it was a great start. 

Hortus botanicus

In the following years, we were still in contact. He founded a new company called House of Eleonore (jewellery). Every month they organised an event; a collaboration during a polo tournament, a dinner in a museum together with Harper's Bazaar or a secret gentleman's event. I captured it all on photo to create the visual legacy of the house. 

"One of the key element why I became an entrepreneur is because of the freedom."

Bernd blog low resolution .jpg

Now, 10 years later, he is ready for his new chapture. A consultancy company called Sativus. Together we created his business portraits and content for his website and marketing. 

De Plantage


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