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Polo & Rallye d'Automne in Chantilly

April 2017, Chantilly

Rallye d'Aumale is an annual event organised at the polo club of Chantilly. An oldtimer rally combined with a polo tournament. 


This is the music my friends and I listened to while driving from Paris to Chantilly in the early Sunday morning. 


Polo club Chantilly

Film festival night! Sakina dressed her clients and friends with her beautiful couture dresses. In the meantime, I had the honor to capture Princess L. Al Saud of Saudi Arabia in private portraiture. She gave me the permission to share with you one of the portraits:


The oldtimers arrived during the polo matches


It was time to switch outfits and to walk to the Pulitzer, my favorite hotel in Amsterdam. Amazing interior design and very gentle staff who made me feel welcome as a photographer.