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An intimate wedding in Paris

March 2017, Paris

A winter wedding, in the heart of Paris. Honestly, I made a little jump in the air when Safia and Reda asked me to photograph their wedding. It was always be my dream to photograph a wedding in Paris, and this one would be my first one! During our phone call, I already liked Safia. She is very kind and sweet, and wanted me to have a nice day too. And when I saw her wedding dress, I was even more exited for the day. She wore a dress with blue heels like Carry (for all the Sex And The City lovers)! With the flowers in her hair, and the little white fur coat. After the ceremony, Safia and Reda went to the Shangri-la hotel with their guests for a lunch and photo session.


A very tender song. It reminds me of our car drive from the bridge to the hotel. 

Paris wedding photo S&R_2.jpg

Pont Alexandre III

The ceremony ended, I took Safia and Reda with me to Pont Alexandre III to capture them in portraits. The bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in Paris. 

All the guests arrived at the beautiful Shangri-la hotel in the meantime. We arrived after the photoshoot, and the beautiful ballroom was set up with the dinner tabel. 

Shangri-la Hotel

Paris wedding photo S&R_9.jpg
Paris wedding photo S&R_12.jpg
Paris wedding photo S&R_16.jpg

The official wedding portrait of 

Safia & Reda

Paris wedding photo S&R_21.jpg

... the end

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