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Dutch 'Slipjacht'

At Castle Mheer

November 2018, Castle Mheer

On Saturday 17th of November, hunting club Soestdijk oranized a ‘slipjacht’. Castle Mheer opened their estate to the public that day, so the guests and locals could behold this traditional sport. A slipjacht is similar to the traditional fox hunting in England. It is not allowed in The Netherlands to hunt this way on foxes, so instead of following a fox, they trace the smell (a particular route has been mapped out by the organisation).

First an opening ceremony, then 'the' slipjacht.

Slipjacht in Nederland - Kasteel Mheer_1
Slipjacht in Nederland - Kasteel Mheer (

The arrival with sun of gold.

Slipjacht in Nederland - Kasteel Mheer_1