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April 2019, Amsterdam

      Let me introduce you to Fabienne. We've met in Paris and photographed each other in Saint Germain des Près.

      It was the right time to meet again. This time in Amsterdam. It was 13:00 when we started the Portrait session on the iconic canals of Amsterdam. We bought have a Parisian heart, with that in mind, we looked for the most romantic, lovable and beautiful corners of Amsterdam. 


A French song about Amsterdam.

It was time to switch outfits and to walk to the Pulitzer, my favorite hotel in Amsterdam. Amazing interior design and very gentle staff who made me feel welcome as a photographer. 

Pulitzer Hotel

"I love this place. It's the perfect combination of classic and modern interior design."

FABIENNE 28-03-19 LR_10.jpg

La Beauté

Fabienne changed her earrings, kept in a Pierre Hermé box. The background of the '9 streets' was the last destination to capture Fabienne's portraits. 

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