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Dear Josie & Charlie


Congratulations with your idyllic engagement! Your wedding will be worth waiting for.


While watching your video's, I felt I would love to offer you my wedding photography service as a gift/ collaboration. 

I also left you a little personal note in this video below:

By seeing your video's, I know already that your wedding will be MAGICAL. I would love to give you this,

and if you already have a photographer I would be more than happy to be the second shooter. 

Wedding Photographer _23.JPG

My dream is to capture more international luxury weddings because I believe

love is what the world needs and it also meets my adoration for beautiful events and fashion.

This is a little summary of my wedding portfolio in my current editing style. 

I would be very honored to capture your wedding, that would be THE dream! Please say hi from me to your cute dogs and starring Lala.

Good luck with planning your wedding.

With love, 

Marleen (that's me below)

MSP 6 jaar _10.JPG
MSP 6 jaar _15.JPG