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Robbies’ Marie Stella Maris

Before I moved to Paris one year ago, I passed by the instagramaccount of Eline Rewinkel, who was living at that moment in Paris. We started following eachother on instagram, and start talking. Eline moved back to the Netherlands, I moved to Paris, and a this summer we decided to finally meetin Den Bosch, because we have been talking about photography so many times. We went to Robbies, a lovely cafe/ lunchspot which is also aninteriorstore. And… it was french-themed. We were so happy to see a french carte de menu, we ordered a delicious lunch and drink the water of Marie Stella Maris. We took photos and talked, talked, talked for hours.

All the photos below are edited by Eline. The first photos are captured by Eline, the others by me. If you want to see Eline’s work, check out her website and blog.

Photos by Eline:

Photos by me:

ROBBIES : Verwersstraat 33, 5211 HT ‘s-Hertogenbosch

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