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Royal blue & Gold – Table art

As long as I can remember, table decoration is important to me. My grandma and my mother teached me how to decorate a table, and that the table is adding more ‘happiness’ to a diner. And even the mother of my grandmother had a company in decorating tables for private diners (which is really one of my dreams to do the same one day). My best friends and I, we are with 4, are having diners. Every diner at an other location. So it was my turn. I’ve always wanted to have gold cutlery, and when I walked in the Sostrene Grene, I found them! Normally, they are very expensive, but Sostrene Grene has the cheapest -but good quality- gold cutlery. So I bought it, and decorated the table with these royal blue plates. Finish it with flowers and little golden touches.

Can’t wait to decorate the table for the next diner!

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