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House of Eléonore X Poloclub midden Nederland

At the weekend of september 17th and 18th, House of Eléonore exposed their collection of jewelry and also their bridal collection at the polo weekend at poloclub midden Nederland.

6 years ago I met Bernd Damme, founder of House of Eleonore. Ever since I've met him, we were friends. And now, I'm photographing for House of Eleonore regulary.

The text below is copied from their website, so this is their story, which is very innovative:

We celebrate the beauty of women by creating one-of-a-kind jewellery through an extraordinary experience. We work with exceptional artisans and responsibly sourced materials, hand crafting all jewellery pieces in the Netherlands.

Founded in 2014 by young entrepreneur Bernd Damme, House of Eléonore was inspired by creating sustainable luxury by using sustainable diamonds and gemstones and hand crafting fine jewellery pieces using 18k FairTrade gold.

By focusing on combining traditional techniques with cutting edge technology, House of Eléonore can focus on providing clients with an unmatched experience that combines craftsmanship, innovation, sustainability and beauty.

House of Eléonore was quickly backed by the esteemed Royal Asscher Diamond Company was founded in 1854 by the legendary Asscher family. To this day, Royal Asscher remains a leader in diamond sourcing, polishing and jewellery innovation.

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