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Wedding Lissa & Matthijs

This lovely couple married this summer, July 2016. A several days after the wedding they moved to Signapore for a new adventure...

A friend of me introduced me to Lissa. Lissa and Matthijs were planning their wedding and they didn't had a photographer yet. After email contact I've met Lissa and Matthijs in Utrecht for a drink and to talk about the wedding. Weddingphotography is my passion, so I'm seeing a lot of couples, and I'm always honoured that they are asking me to be their photographer! That feeling is so super special. Besides that when I met hem, I saw that those two were not only lovers but also soulmates. I don't know how, but their energy towards eachother was so natural, so lovely, so deep. I do believe in marriage and true love, and they were showing me that, eventhough they may not be aware of it, but I felt it.

I also had the feeling that this wedding was getting very beautiful. When they explaned me how they were decorating the location and planning the day, it must be a lovely wedding. And it was. When I entered the garden, the house and the 'dinnergarage' , I realised everything was exactly how they wanted it. For me it was wonderful to see a venue so beautiful, also to capture the best photos.

Thank you again Lissa and Matthijs for being your weddingphotographer. You are the best! And I wish you a inspiring and wonderful stay in Singapore for the next years.

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