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Lieke Dols

Meet Lieke Dols!

I don't even remember when we've met, but we went to the same high school. She is one year older than me, so we've never had classes together but saw eachother during lunch or switching classrooms. We are living in the same city and love the same places, cafés and restaurants. Appearantly we were doing the same studies; International Lifestyle Studies (trendresearch and concept development). She has her own blog/website about trends, so I was reading it now and then because spotting trends intuitively and translating it into concepts is what she is doing like a hero. And I'm sure she will develop herself more and more.

This photoshoot took place at a sunny sunday, it was 17 degrees, and no wind. It was the perfect day shooting Lieke. Because the sun was about to go down, the light was perfect for the romantic and feminine touch.

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