6 Lessons In 6 Years Marleen Serné Photography

It's time to celebrate! Marleen Serné Photography exist 6 years in 2022. It already has been a wonderful road. The last 2 years were challenging due to Covid, but eventually it brought me so much in terms of peace of mind.

I've learned so much and I'm sharing with you the 6 most important lessons in those 6 years.

1. You are the artistic director of your life

How do you want to live? How does your workdays look like? What value do you want to give to a client? All sorts of questions you can ask yourself to stay aware of you and your business. And the best of all, you can chose and decide what ever you feel like. That's the main reason why I became an entrepreneur. For me this word sounds magical and gave me the feeling of freedom.

2. It's easier as I thought

Running a business always is trial and error. I've learned in school (I studies Trend Research & Concept development), that having a clear dream client is essential. I always felt soooo bored in school listening to these 'theories'. But now I'm implementing it in my business, I really see the value of it. It is working! If you know the client you can find them easier. It took me some years to realize this was actually true...

3. You never know what people are dealing with

As a photographer you work, like many other jobs as well, with people. It sometimes can be thought to understand each other or sometimes you feel insecure about a project. It's all normal, we're all human. But I realized that staying with your gut makes the process of a project easier. Sometimes a client seemed very 'demanding' , later on I heard that she was going through a very ill and this wedding was one of the last things on her list... Remember that nobody really wants to hurt you or want to give you a bad feeling.

4. Life is short, enjoy the ride

As I'm getting older, I realize more how life looks like. I spend many years stressing about the little things. Last year I spend a huge amount of time in self development and a life coach. The best thing I could've ever invested in. I've never felt better before. I enjoy life much more right now. Even though bad things still happen I know how to change the mindset. I truely can become soooo happy from the sunshine, flowers and kind people.

5. Knowledge is everywhere

I never studied photography in university. It was my passion. I learned by doing and the internet is full of inspiring photographers and teachers. I learned many things just on Google and Youtube.

6. Give and you will receive

I've spend many photoshoots working on projects I don't really felt this was my dream project, but this was the perfect next step: I could talk to the right people and learn from them. Most people need photography, why don't you give it to someone you really want to get closer to. That's all I needed: a deeper connecting and understanding. This was the beginning of the most special people I've ever met.