Barcelona, February 2022

Arthur and I went to Barcelona for a long weekend in this amazing city. Barcelona truely has so much to do: nearby little mountains and nature, also the sea and a cozy city center like El Born.

First things first, I packed my back way too optimistic. I packed Summer dresses and the shoes I packed as well were terrible on my feet, it hurt so much! So I had a very good excuse to go to Zara and buy my new blue coat I've seen before and loved it a lot. This was the right timing to buy it. I also purchased some sneakers to provide myself with some comfort for the week, eventhough I don't like sneakers at all!!

We had an afternoon wine at Plaça Reial:

At night we had dinner at a restaurant on the beach. We had the most incredible (black) paella I’ve ever eaten.

We walked our way back home and couldn’t resist a cocktail at Dux, a gin bar in the small streets of El Born.

The next day we had a little hangover and went for a Pincho brunch and walked uphill to the castle of Montjuïc.

We end the day eating at Martinez, also on the mountain.

The next day we‘ve made our way to El Born (again, yes guess what’s my favorite area) to have the most delicious lunch ever. The pizza with cheese, mortadella, pistache tasted like heaven. They also sell their ingredients like Pasta and oil (truely the best oil) in their little shop next to the restaurant.

The area of El Born definintely is my favorite, like it is to many. We, somehow, started all days at Passeig del Born and from there you can walk into all directions of the area.

Photo of El Born:

We had diner with friends who're living here.

The next morning we went to, what is now my favoriet place in Barcelona, Cotton House Hotel. The interieur is AMAZING, absolutely the dream between modern, mediteranian and cozy. I was not allowed to take pictures so I have some taken with my Iphone:

After we went for an other walk in town and when to the Parc de la Ciutadella. Please, take care of pickpockets here, we saw many thiefs giving their catch to their boss, who apparently was a little old grandma who owned the whole business of pickpockets, we laught about it, but it's sad it's happening.