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My favorite budget and cosy restaurant in Paris: Pink Mamma

We all know Paris is an expensive city. It's also a city with a big 'eating outdoors' culture. So where to go and where to eat. Today I'm sharing with you one of my favorite restaurants in Paris: Pink Mamma in the heart of Pigalle (between Gallery La Fayette and Montmartre).

Great price

Pink Mamma is from an Italian restaurant group. They make absolutely the best pizza's, pasta's and cocktails. Their service is very fast and when I say very I mean very fast. Not like the nonchalant tranquilo Italian lifestyle. You can order a pizza for €12,- and I always prefer to take my favorite non alcohol Limonata Emrata (€4,50) a big big big glass of fresh limonade, enough for the whole dinner. Great prices, isn't it.

Book your table

The Pink Mamma restaurant is very popular, so when they open at 18:45, there is a big line in front of the restaurant. Make sure you have a reservation to skip one hour in the que.

Quick diner

So yes, they are very fast in making your beautiful plates, this also means that it's not really a restaurant to sit in for hours. Yes you can, but you have to order something more like starters or deserts.


Are you also in love with the interior? I adore their plates from Firma Deruta Italia Molleni. I found some of their creations on Etsy. Click here to see. I imagine my own garden table with their plates for a true Italian Summer feeling while dining outside.

For all pasta lovers, the photo below is also available as a poster in my webshop. Click here to find the art poster.

The photo below is also available as a poster in my webshop. Click here to discover all different sizes.


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