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My Monday in Saint-Germain-Des-Près

Starting my morning with a breakfast at home. My only goal for this morning is: finish all departments of Le Bon Marche.

Back at Le Bon Marche and I couldn't resist the parfum Roses of Acqua di Parma... It's mine now. Perfect soft and sweet parfum for our holiday this Summer in the South of France.

After 2 hours, it was time to visit the Grand Epicerie of Le Bon Marche. This is the most exclusive supermarket I've ever seen. I love to spend time here to find the greatest products.

This beautiful bottle of St-Germain Spritz is what I bought. I think it's a lovely bottle, art deco vibe, also as decoration in our home.

The most expensive bottle of water I've ever seen..!

I discovered the best best best ever. Truffel lovers: there is a petit bistro in the middle of the store. Yes, everything prepared with truffel.

I couldn't resist the risotto!

On the first etage, you will find a 'secret' way to the big store in the other building..

It was time to leave, and when to the City Pharmacie. Here you can buy French cosmetic products for low prices. I adore the brand Nuxe, so I had to stop here!

After my shopping session, I went straight to the most beautiful garden (oh yes I want to have one like this one day!), at Chez Ralph. The restaurant of Ralph Lauren.

Grapefruit juice with their iconic caramalized popcorn!

I went home to my Airbnb to drop my shoppings. Time for a dinner with Sakina Shbib! I've been her intern for 5 months being her PA and photographer. We have many memories together!

After watching the sunset, we had an ice cream at the Champs-Elysees.


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