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My Sunday in Saint-Germain-Des -Près

As you might have seen in my previous post, I'm spending a weekend in Saint-Germain-Des-Près, Paris. This is the area where I'm feeling home. Let's not talk to much, let me take you to the photo's!

I strolled from Rue Buci towards Les Deux Magots

Coffee at Les Deux Magots

Continuing strolling to Le Bon Marche

Arrived at Le Bon Marche!

I took my time to watch all the little corners and to look into the (big) sale. I didn't even finish the first floor untill I realized that time was flying. I left to meet my lovely friend Symonne.

We've met 5 years ago, when I took over her old apartment. That's how we've met. I bought her flowers on the corner of our lovely studio at Rue de Grenelle and took one minute staring at the beautiful building where my love for Paris began.

In front of the door:

Having afternoon wine at Symonne

After some drinks inside, we went for a little walk, an ice cream and more drinks.

In the evening I walked to gallery La Fayette, walked home and had a dinner by myself.

This was a lovely day.


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