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24 hours in Stockholm, Sweden

A visit to Stockholm couldn't miss during our stay in Sweden. We stayed 24 hours in Stockholm.

16:00 We dropped our luggage at our hotel in the city center, hotel Stories, and it was a lovely one!

17:00 We walked to the Glashuset, a lovely restaurant with an amazing interior and the best fried artichoque! Also the cocktails I had were the best.

21:30 After our dinner we went for a walk. We dropped my heavy camera off to the hotel and used the electronical steps to have a quick view of the city by night. I love these steps! Especially if you have never seen the city.

22:30 Then we decided it was time for more cocktails. We went to Berns, a stunning interior and great cocktails I can tell you.

0:00 Off to bed!

9:00 Breakfast

10:00 Shopping! Ohh, I love the Swedish style! They know fashion and interior so well. I went to Zara home and entered a true paradise. I spend an hour being way to excited about everything they had. I bought a scented candle, photo frames, coffee mugs and water glasses.

11:00 we continued our walking tour and walked for hours and ended up in the old town. I can highly recommend to visit the old town, it looks like a film decor.

14:00 It was time for a late lunch

16:00 We went back to street of Zara home and sat down at a cafe to watch the people. Oh oh, you Swedish look so stylish! And I love the idea that there is less stress in Sweden than in The Netherlands. They inspired me a lot.

17:30 It's time to leave this lovely city and we continue our trip to Norkopping.


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